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2012 Fantasy Baseball 1B Rankings – H2H

2012 Fantasy Baseball 1B Rankings – H2H
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Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Angels 1B

There’s very little revolutionary about first base. The position includes the steadiest power hitters in fantasy baseball. You can quibble here and there with rankings, but the top five is set: Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto, Adrian Gonzalez and Prince Fielder. All are pretty stable four-category producers.

Outside of the top 5, things get a bit murkier.




RKTeam Defense
1TD San Francisco 49ers, SF
2TD Pittsburgh Steelers, PIT
3TD Philadelphia Eagles, PHI
4TD Baltimore Ravens, BAL
5TD Chicago Bears, CHI
6TD Green Bay Packers, GB
7TD New York Jets, NYJ
8TD Houston Texans, HOU
9TD New York Giants, NYG
10TD Buffalo Bills, BUF
11TD Dallas Cowboys, DAL
12TD Detroit Lions, DET
13TD New England Patriots, NE
14TD Denver Broncos, DEN
15TD Atlanta Falcons, ATL
16TD San Diego Chargers, SD
17TD Cincinnati Bengals, CIN
18TD Arizona Cardinals, ARI
19TD Minnesota Vikings, MIN
20TD New Orleans Saints, NO
21TD Seattle Seahawks, SEA
22TD Tennessee Titans, TEN
23TD Carolina Panthers, CAR
24TD Miami Dolphins, MIA
25TD Kansas City Chiefs, KC
26TD Washington Redskins, WAS
27TD Tampa Bay Buccaneers, TB
28TD Oakland Raiders, OAK
29TD Jacksonville Jaguars, JAX
30TD Cleveland Browns, CLE
31TD Indianapolis Colts, IND
32TD St. Louis Rams, STL

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For a downloadable version of the rankings, please visit here.

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